Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Are you a liberal?

I’m a fan of clear thinkers—those who are able to boil an argument down to its very essence--those who take the complex and make it simple. Earlier I mentioned Thomas Sowell as an example of a clear thinker. Radio talk show host Dennis Prager is another. One of Dennis’ mottos is that clarity is more important than agreement, and it was listening to him put this principle into practice daily on his radio show that quickly made me a fan.

Dennis has long had a theory that many who call themselves “liberal” actually disagree with the majority of identifiably liberal positions. To test his thesis, he put together a list of questions on which liberals and conservatives generally disagree. One of my “liberal” friends took the test a while back and was surprised by the results. She now considers herself a conservative—something that was unimaginable to her not long ago. Take the test. You may be surprised.

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