Thursday, September 23, 2004

New chapter of "Unfit for Command"...

Previously, I linked to a site that offers four chapters of the book “Unfit for Command” to be read online. The Mudville Gazette links to a second site that has these chapters available, and also provides a link to an additional chapter [pdf].

The latest chapter discusses John Kerry’s anti-war activities after returning from Vietnam, and his meetings with North Vietnamese leaders in Paris in 1970. The chapter provides additional background on the new Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad.

We’re all familiar with the Swift Vets by now, so the latest chapter and ad do not carry the same emotional impact as earlier installments. I also suspect that the significance of John Kerry meeting with the enemy in time of war will be lost on most people. It’s difficult, especially for those of us who are too young to remember the era, to consider that Kerry was actively working to undermine U.S. war efforts and policy. It’s also tempting to dismiss his actions as being ancient history, the poor judgment of an idealistic and reckless youth. However, as this story suggests, wisdom doesn’t always come with age. Sometimes age makes the journey alone.

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