Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Shooting the messenger...

Go read this column on the gun ban by Mike Adams. As usual, Adams serves up a fun read on an important issue. Go on. I'll wait.

I really don’t have strong feelings about gun control. My admittedly non-expert reading of the Constitution is that gun control laws are unconstitutional. But that doesn’t matter; expert opinion varies, the courts have ruled, we’re stuck with it.

Mostly, I don’t think gun control matters much. People who go around murdering people just aren’t all that concerned with making sure they’re doing it with the right kind of weapon. And it seems that, as gun control laws go, the recently expired weapons ban was pretty feeble to begin with—allowing some types of weapons while prohibiting others that look a little different but do the same thing.

The dishonesty I’ve seen in this debate, however, is something I do care about. I’m bothered that so many people, with such strong opinions, don’t seem to know what they are talking about. I haven’t heard one person who supported the ban correctly describe what the law does. I’m particularly bothered that John Kerry, who enjoys a national audience, is putting out bad info. I don’t know if he doesn’t know the facts, or if he just doesn’t care, but either way the man is irresponsible and undermining fair and honest debate. He should stop shooting off his mouth.

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