Thursday, September 2, 2004

That's what I thought...

Every time I hear Democrats accuse Republicans of exploiting the 9/11 attacks for political gain by holding the convention in New York, I have to scratch my brain. I have this vague memory of reading about how both parties were asked to hold their conventions in NYC as a way to help the local economy, and as a symbol of unity. I thought I remembered the Republicans accepting, while the Democrats said they would only come if the Republicans were excluded. (That darn Bush. He was supposed to be a uniter!)

My memory isn't always so good, so I was relieved when Wizbang not only confirmed the memory, but dug up the original story as well. So much for righteous outrage from the Left.

But pretense aside, isn’t it a petty point to begin with? George Bush was at the helm during arguably the most monumental tragedy in our history. It defined both the man and his presidency in the eyes of the world. The disingenuous suggestion that any reference to 9/11 is some how off limits reeks of political exploitation itself.

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