Wednesday, September 1, 2004

What media bias?

Benjamin Ginsberg kicks butt and names names in his recent WaPo op-ed:

A $500,000 ad buy made by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth brings searing media scrutiny and "proof" of illegal coordination based on a lawyer (me) representing both the Bush-Cheney campaign and the Swift Boat Veterans… Meanwhile, the media give practically no scrutiny to a $63 million, five-month, negative-ad buy done by Democratic "527" groups (the Media Fund, and others) with a revolving door of connections to the Kerry campaign. Consider:
  • Kerry campaign lawyer Bob Bauer and Democratic National Committee counsel Joe Sandler also represent 527s -- not illegal, but doesn't it deserve a little scrutiny?
  • Jim Jordan, John Kerry's campaign manager until last November, works for three of the 527s.
  • Harold Ickes, an executive committee member of the Democratic National Committee, heads the Media Fund.
  • Bill Richardson simultaneously chaired the Democrats' national convention and a 527.
  • Michael Meehan became Kerry's spokesman after running NARAL Pro-Choice America's "soft money" programs.
  • Zack Exley went from being a executive to the Kerry campaign.
After citing additional Kerry-527 connections, Ginsberg draws the contrast more sharply:
When the Bush-Cheney campaign filed a detailed, 70-page complaint detailing illegal coordination by Democrats, the move produced 14 news articles, with no follow-up. When the Kerry campaign filed an unsupportable charge of coordination about the Swift boat ads, there were 74 articles, and the pack swarmed.
Unfortunately this isn't news to anyone who's been watching. How many of Kerry’s “band of brothers” have we seen put under the microscope the way the Swifties have? If not integrity and professionalism, you’d think plain old embarrassment and shame would be motivation enough for the media to at least fake it.

Update: More from Powerline, and a bit different take from Priorities & Friviolities.

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