Sunday, October 3, 2004

He who casts the first stone...

I pretty much stayed out of the whole Dan Rather forgery story, since everyone was writing about it and I didn’t have anything to add. I’ve been staying out of the Fox News kerfuffle for the same reasons. However, Josh Marshall has been coming down on Fox News pretty hard considering they immediately retracted the bogus story and apologized (unlike CBS). So it turns out I do have something mildly interesting to add.

Following the Republican National Convention (I believe it was the day after), I went to Josh’s Talking Points blog, where I found a post calling Arnold Schwarzenegger a liar for saying that he remembered seeing the Nixon-Humphrey debate in 1968. Josh did a “gotcha” by pointing out that there was no such debate. I had watched Arnold's speech and was pretty sure that's not what he had said, so off I went to review the speech. Sure enough, Arnold hadn’t said anything about a debate; he simply said he remembered watching the presidential race on TV. So back I went to Josh's blog to leave a comment (it turns out Josh doesn't do comments) only to find that the post had been removed. Poof!

Now I’m not a regular reader of Josh’s blog, so I may have missed it, but after doing a fair amount of searching, as far as I can tell he’s never offered a correction, a retraction, or an apology for calling Arnold a liar.

I didn’t think much of it at the time. I figured Josh had picked up on someone else’s “talking point,” quickly learned it was bogus, and pulled the post. The only reason I bring it up is because of the way Josh is going after this FNC story—glass houses being what they are.

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