Monday, September 18, 2006

The party of ideas...

I've been trying to sort through this whole military tribunal/Geneva Conventions thing. It's a complex issue, with a lot of subtle underpinnings. After spending hours reading and listening to arguments for both sides, I still don't feel I have a deep enough understanding to accurately summarize the positions of Senators McCain, Graham, and Warner, on the one hand, and President Bush, on the other--let alone form a responsible opinion.

One thing does stand out to me in all this, however: All the serious debate on this serious issue seems to be coming from the Right. Republicans have rolled up their sleeves and engaged each other in an effort to find the right path for the country. The Democrats main contribution to the debate has been something along the line of, "Ha, ha, ha! Look at the Republicans fighting!"

Not that the Republicans are entirely pure in their methods. Camp McCain, as always, seems to be basking in their contrariness. There is a presidential election just around the corner, after all. And my sense is that the President protests too much regarding the CIA interrogation program--to some extent holding national security hostage by stating that the CIA program is in limbo unless and until the issue is resolved.

But these quibbles aside, the Republicans are doing exactly what we elect officials to do: debating important issues, exploring them thoughtfully and thoroughly, and attempting to craft policies that sustain and protect America interests. Meanwhile, the Democrats are unengaged beyond any political traction they can get out of the issue.

It's time that Democrats get beyond their adolescence and grant to the cause of freedom a mature and responsible political party worthy of the American people in this time of crisis.

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