Monday, March 3, 2008

Black tea as a aide to controlling diabetes

A new study suggests that ingredients in black tea may help in controlling type-2 diabetes.
How the humble cuppa could conquer diabetes

By Kate Foster
Ingredients in black tea mimic insulin to fight deadly disease

IT IS the world's most popular drink, enjoyed everywhere from building sites to The Ritz.

But now scientists have discovered that the great British cuppa holds the potential to fight one of the nation's biggest life-threatening diseases.

Groundbreaking research by scientists at Dundee University has revealed that ordinary tea may have the potential to help combat type 2 diabetes, which affects around 200,000 Scots.

The scientists have discovered ingredients in black tea mimic the action of the hormone insulin, which is deficient in people with diabetes.

They say the next step is to establish whether drinking more tea could help treat diabetes or even prevent it occurring in the first place.
I have type-2 diabetes, so I always have an eye out for new studies. If an idea isn't too wacky or expensive, I'll sometimes give it a shot, even if the jury is still out on whether it actually works. I take cinnamon, for example, because there was a study a few years back that suggested it might help. Figure it can't hurt.

As it turns out, I drink a lot of tea. My favorite is plain old-fashioned Lipton instant tea, which I like at half-strength. I hate Lipton Brisk, as I do most kinds of "fancy" teas. Just the plain, boring stuff for me.

What I don't know is whether Lipton qualifies as a "black tea." I'm thinking probably not. (The stuff looks brown to me.) Plus, its instant, so I'm betting any good stuff has been freeze dried out of it. *sigh*

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