Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fact-checking the president

USA Today did some fact checking on some of President Obama's statements at yesterday's town hall meeting in Portsmouth, NH. Obama doesn't fair so well. Michelle Malkin and QandO add their own commentary.

Obama seems to be devoting most of his attention to spreading misinformation while claiming he is correcting misinformation. This has become his go-to tactic on every issue -- claiming one thing while doing exactly the opposite. The big question is whether America will catch on before the Dems are able to push ObamaCare through the way they did the "stimulus" and the budget.

Update: Obama fairs even worse under the Heritage Foundation's fact-checking.
Any doubts that President Barack Obama’s “townhall” in Portsmouth, New Hampshire yesterday was a complete farce were dispelled early on when the hand picked crowd broke out in a chant of: “Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!” at the close of his opening remarks. Recognizing his campaign’s signature slogan, the President responded: “Thank you. I remember that.” Comforted knowing he was surrounded by a room full of die-hard supporters, President Obama then want on to make a number of misleading and outright false statements about the health care legislation still working it’s way through Congress.
The article then gives seven examples, providing links to the impeaching evidence.

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