Tuesday, August 11, 2009

White House health care infomercial

The White House has set up a web site called Reality Check where, it says, Americans can "get the facts" about health insurance reform. I just watched a video there of someone named Kavita Patel which, the site claims, 'debunks the myth that reform will mean a "government takeover" of health care or lead to "rationing."'

Patel "debunks" the "myth" of Obamacare being a government takeover of health care by denying that it is a government takeover of health care. She then shows a video of Obama likewise denying that it is a takeover of government health care. There it is, folks, all the "facts" and "proof" you need. Who knew debunking could be so easy.

Patel also "debunks" the "myth" that Obamacare will lead to rationing by simply stating that rationing already takes place and that Obamacare will stop it. Whew, yet another piece of right-wing propaganda withers in the face of the "facts."

Patel is correct that health care rationing takes place now, in the sense that rationing takes place whenever choices are made about how money is spent. We also have rationing of food, cars, electricity, clothes, and everything else we buy. Guess Obama will be going after those things next.

About the only real debunking that takes place on this video is when Obama debunks himself. After denying that Obamacare will socialize medicine and result in government-run health care, he mocks a lady who wrote him a letter opposing "socialized medicine" and "government-run health care" and then imploring him to leave her Medicare alone. Obama responds with amusement, "that's what Medicare is."

While Obama sees the irony in the woman not recognizing the nature of Medicare, he's entirely blind to the irony that he considers Medicare "socialized" and "government-run" health care, while denying that Obamacare, which is modeled on Medicare, is also.

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