Friday, September 25, 2009

90% of Americans believe the media is in the tank for Obama

Almost 90 percent of Americans believe the news media helped Barack Obama get elected president last November.

Beyond this, 70 percent feel the press are promoting his presidency, with 56 percent saying they're pushing ObamaCare "without objective criticism."

Such were the findings of a new national poll taken by Sacred Heart University.

In fact, according to Wednesday's press release, almost half of Americans "have permanently stopped watching a news media organization, print or electronic, because of perceived bias."

All of this represents a continuation of a steepening trend. Now, one can argue whether the American people are hallucinating or whether their perceptions are accurate, but when 90% of Americans believe the media is in the tank for Obama, the media has a huge problem.

What is bewildering is that the media don't seem to be addressing it. My perception is that, if anything, they are becoming even more brazen in their bias. The study indicates that other news outlets are continuing to hemorrhage viewers to Fox News, and that those viewers are specifically seeking less bias in reporting. At what point will financial considerations, i.e. self-preservation, kick in and pull these companies back toward the center? I'd have thought we were well past that point.

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