Monday, September 28, 2009

Liz Cheney is her own person

The New York Times ran a piece today on Liz Cheney. My favorite line from the piece:
(She declined to be interviewed for this article, saying she was uncomfortable with a story focused on her rather than her policy beliefs.)
Good for her. This is reminiscent of Fred Thompson's presidential run, where reporters relentlessly ignored his trying to discuss the issues while constantly peppering him with questions about campaign strategies and other trivialities. This lost Thompson quite a lot of standing in the campaign as the media reduced him from serious candidate to campaign color man. Part of this was Thompson's own doing, of course. I suspect Cheney, should she run for office, will do better in this regard.

My least favorite line from the piece:
She argues her father’s positions with a cable-ready ferocity reminiscent of her mother...
The turn of phrase between father and mother is cute, but this is entirely condescending. Cheney is a serious person, who speaks for herself, clearly and directly. To characterize her as parroting her father's opinions is a cheap shot -- in my estimation, an intentional one.

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