Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Obama has no commitment to choice and competition

QandO's Bruce McQuain notes that while President Obama claims to be a champion of choice and competition to improve our health care system, he abandons those principles when it comes to education--specifically in the instance of the popular D.C. voucher program. The result:
After embracing the teachers unions’ anti-voucher stance, the president now finds himself in the uncomfortable and awkward position of denying students access to a program that has strong bipartisan, local support, and that multiple studies say is helping poor African-American children succeed.
The truth is that Obama values nether choice nor competition, but only the advancement of his agenda. He uses free market rhetoric to hock Obamacare, but the specifics of his plan have the effect of decreasing both choice and competition, as he wants to dictate precisely what kind of policies are available, by whom, and at what cost. If he was at all interested in a real free market approach he would be acting to allow health insurance to be sold across state lines, and removing restrictions on the shapes, sizes, and costs of premiums companies are allowed to offer.

The press should be calling him on his lack of truth in advertising. They aren't.

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