Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A modest proposal

The Democrats finally found a way to make their health care proposals appear to "save" money. They do this by making us pay for them for nearly a decade before they are fully implemented in 2019, and by forcing the Congressional Budget Office to assume that revenue will be generated from a bunch of sources that the CBO describes as "unlikely."

So here's my idea. Let's put a "trigger" into any health care proposal that is passed that says if the promised sources of revenue do not materialize by 2019, the entire project is permanently terminated. This way, we're not on the hook for this monstrosity unless it actually delivers. In the "unlikely" event that revenue planets align, the project continues on course. Otherwise we pull the plug on Obamacare and let it die.

Now, I'm not in favor of doing this. There are many reasons to oppose Obamacare aside from the cost. But the Dems have the numbers to shove this turkey down our throats, so we may have to live with it. If it looks like that's going to happen, I think the above proposal is one that any reasonable person, Democrat or Republican, should be willing to accept. If they won't, we'll at least know that they don't buy what they're selling either.

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