Friday, December 11, 2009

The U.N. continues to be a joke

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United States, Britain and France warned Iran on Thursday that it would face further sanctions if it continued to flout international demands that it halt sensitive nuclear activities.
"If it continues to refuse the slightest confidence measures, to refuse dialogue, transparency ... we must draw all of the necessary conclusions and that means that we must move on to a new resolution involving sanctions," French Ambassador to the U.N. Gerard Araud told a U.N. Security Council meeting on Iran.
This is such a joke. Like Iraq under Saddam Hussein, Iran has a long history of ignoring the U.N. and doing whatever it wants. The U.N. is a puppet show that has no relevancy to the real world, and everyone knows it. The "international community" has no backbone, so this situation (along with the one in North Korea) will continue to escalate until the U.S. or Israel is forced to act.

The U.S. isn't going to act under this president. After all, it was Obama who said that the consequences of Iran continuing to ignore the U.N. are that we will begin having discussions to talk about the importance of having consequences. This man can't even talk the talk, let alone walk the walk.

So, unless and until we get another George Bush at the helm, this "tough talk" is worse than meaningless.

Iran's stated goal is to wipe Israel off the face of the planet, and they are steadily and defiantly acquiring the weapons to do so. Ultimately, the willful impotence of the U.N. will force Israel's hand and it will have to launch a preemptive attack to protect itself -- as it rightly should.

After all, if a man tells you he is going to kill you, then he picks up a gun and starts loading it, does it really make sense to stand by until he points it at you and starts pulling the trigger?

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