Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An introduction to Thad McCotter

I've been watching some of the old episodes of Peter Robinson's Uncommon Knowledge. This is a great series, with fascinating guests on a variety of important topics. I highly recommend it.

Today I enjoyed an interview with Michigan congressman Thad McCotter. Though he's a ranking member of the House, I'd never heard of the guy. He's quite a character, engaging, with a sharp, dry wit I find refreshing. He's obviously well read and is able to articulate conservative principles clearly and effortlessly. He's a man who knows what he believes and why, and I wasn't at all surprised to learn that he was heavily influenced by Ronald Reagan.

At one point he rattled off a nice list of core "Republican" (I'd have said conservative) tenets as effortlessly as you might recite your phone number:
We're a party that believes in the inherent sanctity and dignity of the individual, and that there is a God-given right to freedom, both abroad and at home. We spread it abroad; we protect it at home.

We believe:
  • liberty is from God, not government
  • sovereignty is in our souls, not the soil
  • security is from strength, not surrender
  • prosperity is from the private sector, not the public
  • truths are self evident, not relative
Good stuff, that.

Republicans should be actively spotlighting members who can make the case for conservatism as effectively as McCotter can.

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