Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Letter to the editor - "Ground Zero mosque"

I sent this letter to the editor of my local paper:
A couple of points on the "Ground Zero mosque" controversy:

1) This is NOT a constitutional issue. Polls show that Americans overwhelmingly acknowledge and accept Imam Rauf's legal right to build a mosque at the proposed site. It is not the legality, but the appropriateness, of erecting a symbol of Islam so near the site where 3000 Americans were murdered in the name of Islam that is being challenged. Those who insist that opposition to the mosque is an affront to the Constitution are either playing politics or not paying attention. The Imam has a First Amendment right to build the mosque, and opponents have a First Amendment right to speak out against it. That's America.

2) The notion that opposition to the mosque is an example of American intolerance is rubbish. Again, the polls tell the story: Americans overwhelmingly oppose the building of a mosque so near to "Ground Zero." They also overwhelmingly believe that the Imam has a legal right to do just that. What better example of tolerance could there be than to accept and allow that which is so vehemently opposed? Tolerance isn't when you permit that which you embrace; it's when you permit that which you abhor. Once again, that's America.

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