Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The tax rates are too damn high

Katria Trinko writes:
President Obama asked Congress this morning to pass the tax cut compromise “as swiftly as possible,” stressing its importance to generating economic growth and helping the middle class.
Obama is on record, both as a candidate and as president, supporting the idea that lower taxes (at least on the middle class; he's flip-flopped on the issue when it comes to high income earners) are essential to economic growth. The vast majority of both Democrats and Republicans agree (again, at least as regards the middle class).

So why aren't any of them calling for actual tax cuts? The so-called "tax cut compromise" doesn't cut tax rates; it simply keeps tax rates where they've been for the last decade.

If all these politicians really believe that lower tax rates are good for the economy, then let's get busy, you know, lowering the tax rates.

Update: Well, there's one. I just heard Michele Bachmann tell Sean Hannity that we should be cutting tax rates instead of simply maintaining the status quo. Music to my ears! I know there's no chance it will actually happen, but it cheers me to hear someone taking an honest to goodness conservative position for a change. Good on her.

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