Monday, December 2, 2013

The "fix" is in on ObamaCare

The deadline for "fixing" the ObamaCare website has come and gone.

I put "fixing" in quotes because Obama's definition of "fixed" is pretty pathetic. Here's how USA Today sums it up:
That seems to have worked, at least to some degree. The White House announced Sunday that it had hit its target of having the website function smoothly for "the vast majority" of people who want to sign up, which it defines as about 80%.
So Obama gave himself a passing grade for partially completing an assignment that he assigned himself three years ago and which he promised would be completed two months ago. Color me unimpressed.

But here is the section of the USA Today piece I found most interesting:
At this point, the administration has two things going for it. The first is that technological problems can be fixed. The second is that the critics have yet to propose an alternative that would deliver what Obamacare promises: to replace a harsh and costly insurance market with one that ensures good coverage at a fair price.
Things are pretty bad when one of the things the administration "has going for it" is that the site might actually work at some point. But let's put that aside. It's the second thing the administration "has going for it" that caught my eye.

To begin with, it's factually false that critics have yet to propose an alternative to ObamaCare. (See this, this, this, and this, for example.) 

Next, notice the double standard. Critics aren't challenged to propose alternatives that are better than ObamaCare -- a very low bar since ObamaCare is, so far, making things worse, covering far fewer people at much higher prices. No, opponents are being criticized for not proposing an alternative that delivers everything ObamaCare promised.

ObamaCare promised to defy the laws of economics. It promised a lot more stuff to a lot more people at a lot less cost. It was a blatant con, and it's no surprise that it's failing miserably, as was predicted.

But, according to USA Today, ObamaCare still has a chance because the people who pointed out that you can't do the impossible can't do the impossible either.

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