Friday, March 21, 2014

Student expelled for saving classmate

The Blaze:
When sixth-grader Adrionna Harris noticed a classmate cutting his arm with a razor blade, she convinced him that his behavior wasn’t a good idea and managed to get the blade from him — and she threw it away.

Apparently no teachers were around during the incident last Thursday, and Harris viewed the circumstances as an emergency.
So this 11-year-old kid recognizes a dangerous situation. There are no adults around, so she acts, disarming her classmate and disposing of the razor immediately. She then reports what happened to an adult.

This kid should be praised for acting quickly and responsibly to protect another. Instead, her school expelled her for 10 days because they deemed that she "armed herself" when she took the razor away from her self-mutilating classmate.

Apparently "zero tolerance" means "zero common sense" in our government schools.

Fortunately, the girl's parents raised enough of a stink that she has been reinstated and her record cleared -- but why does common sense only prevail as a last resort, after stupidity has been beaten down?

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