Saturday, September 11, 2004

What do they know that we don't?

The OC Register reports that public school teachers send their own kids to private schools at a significantly higher rate than does the general public.

According to a new study based on the 2000 Census... 24.5 percent of the public school teachers in the Los Angeles/Long Beach area... are sending their own children to private schools, versus only 15.7 percent of the general public.

If the Southland were exceptional, it might be easy to shrug off the numbers. But throughout the state and the nation, the numbers tell the same story... Throughout the nation's cities, 21.5 percent of public school teachers are sending their kids to private schools vs. only 17.5 percent of the general public...

Congress this year enacted the nation's newest school choice program in Washington, D.C. What tipped the scales toward passage was the revelation that not one congressional opponent of the program was willing to enroll his or her children in Washington's public schools, with the vast majority of those kids sent to private schools. Actions do, after all, speak louder than words.

[via Joanne Jacobs]

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