Friday, October 15, 2004

Sullivan's at it again...

Andrew Sullivan (scroll down for more) is doing his usual bit on the Mary Cheney episode, running around calling everyone hypocrites, homophobes, and bigots because they disagree with him. He makes some fair points, but predictably he sees everything through his gay lenses and misses the larger point. I was going to make that larger point, but a handful of folks over at Instapundit have already done so. The short version:
  1. It’s not nice to use someone’s daughter to score political points against him;
  2. It’s not nice to call attention to someone’s personal life in order to score political points against her father;
  3. It’s not nice to put words into someone else’s mouth to score political points against her father;
  4. It’s not nice to suggest that a mother is ashamed of her daughter.

Note: My original post on this is here.

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