Friday, October 15, 2004

SwiftVets revisited...

It still amazes me that so many smart people continue to dismiss the SwiftVet allegations as smears when they obviously haven’t taken the time to do their homework.

ABC’s Nightline produced a story that purports to interview Vietnamese witnesses of the mission for which John Kerry received his Silver Star. Andrew Sullivan is impressed:
Nightline did an excellent reporting job on Vietnamese memories of the incidents under dispute from the Swift Boat anti-Kerry vets. No big surprise that the evidence there comports with the bulk of the evidence here: that the Swiftees are simply wrong.
Except it doesn’t comport with the bulk of the evidence here. As Wizbang and Captain Ed explain, this new account “not only differs from the account given by the Swiftvets who were on the scene, it also differs from Kerry's version in his reports, in his biography, and in his autobiography.” There’s more. Go check it out.

Speaking of the SwiftVets, their latest ads could do some damage.

And finally, Thomas Lipscomb files a new investigative report which calls even more of Kerry's military record into question. I'm skeptical, but this is yet another mystery that could be solved if Kerry would only release his records as he promised.

Update: Just One Minute has a couple of great posts on this.

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