Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Why Kerry won the debate...

Dennis Prager explains why John Kerry won the first debate:

No matter what position you hold about American foreign policy and the war in Iraq, John Kerry holds your position…

John Kerry won the debate because he sounded better; and he sounded better in large measure because he got away with saying whatever any voter wanted to hear.

Prager provides clear examples from the debate of Kerry contradicting himself and covering all sides of all issues. Prager says Kerry did it so well that it’s hard to catch without going to the transcript. He’s right. I certainly missed a lot of it. Obviously President Bush did too.

The key will be whether Republicans can take this material and make it work for them, either in the upcoming debates or along the campaign trail. Debates aren't conducted in a vacuum, so Kerry's inconsistencies can still come back to haunt him.

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