Friday, July 24, 2009

Time to decide what we want America to look like

I left this comment in response to an article on health care reform on Betsy's Page:
It should be infinitely obvious to anyone paying attention that the arguments being made for "health care reform" are a ruse in a top hat. It will raise, not lower, costs, and it will necessarily result in lower quality care. The CBO analysis is simply the latest confirmation of what we already know.

It's long past time for those who support Obamacare to abandon the specious arguments about spending less and receiving more.

The truth is they want everyone to have health insurance, and they believe the increased costs to others are moral and justified. The truth is that they are comfortable with the government assuming control and management of large swaths of our lives.

These are the arguments they should be making, and they are honest and well intentioned. Those who oppose these notions, whether on moral, economic, or libertarian grounds, are also honest and well intentioned.

This is the honest debate we should be having. It is fundamental to this and many other important issues. It's time to decide what we want America to look like.

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