Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's that about change again?

A commenter @ Althouse:
Obama is different and much worse than Bush. I cannot think of one area policy where Obama hasn't either followed the Bush lead or proposed something much worse. Where Bush gave us Part B, Obama gives us full up socialized medicine. Where Bush gave us 500 billion deficits, Obama gives us two trillion dollar deficits. Where Bush gave us TARP I, Obama gives us more TARP and the $700 billion porkulus package to boot.

Oh, but it is all worth it because Obama was going to close GUITMO, pull out of Iraq, give us an exit strategy in Afghanistan, stop warrantless wiretapping, repeal the Patriot Act, solve the Iranian problem and end the war on terror. How is that working out?
Yep, exactly. I'm increasingly baffled by people who continue to worship this president.

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