Friday, December 3, 2010

From the Department of Duh!

Via TaxProf:
TIGTA’s analysis found that the majority of tax returns the IRS identifies as being filed by prisoners are not being screened to assess their fraud potential. The review found that 253,929 (88 percent) of the 287,918 returns filed by prisoners as of March 24, 2010 were not selected for screening. Of those, 48,887 who claimed refunds totaling more than $130 million had no wage information reported to the IRS by employers. ... TIGTA’s findings regarding prisoners are similar to its findings in a September 28, 2005 audit, The IRS Needs to Do More to Stop the Millions of Dollars in Fraudulent Refunds Paid to Prisoners (2005-10-164).
$130 million of taxpayer money. Who would have thought that convicted criminals would try to steal?

Too bad somebody didn't look into this years ago so we'd have known to watch out for this kind of stuff. . . wait. . . what?

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